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Necro Terms & Conditions

Our game masters and game assistants can undertake any punishment after a rule is broken by any player. All rules should be respected and followed or the player will undertake any punishment as stated below. BlazeGN has 3 types of punishments, a warning for minor things, a temporary ban for slightly offensive things and permanent ban for highly offensive rule violation. Note that we are no snowflakes, we can't punish for every single thing so sometimes you'll have to deal with it.

Warning Or Kick

We expect you to treat others like you treat yourself, with respect and dignity. If you have no self respect, you'll have a hard time on Necro. We will warn or kick you immediately, please be considerate.

  • Spamming global chat
  • Abusive language in global / normal chat that may affect other players.
  • Interfering with a discussion that's not directed to the user.
  • Using the global / general chat to make fun of sexual abuse/rape.
  • Interfering/Ruining official server/staff events.
  • Character or guild name is inappropriate: Rename; if they wish to continue playing here, they must change their name. The name change will be free of charge. We did not set up specific name rules, but we think that you are aware of what is appropriate and what's not. If a Game Master asks you to change your name, please don't argue about it.
  • Continuous spam about bans/actions the staff has taken.
  • Continuous spam about staff giving items/gold.
  • Encouraging other players to leave the server.
  • Outside buffing, if you are buffing a player which is in PvP mode while you're not.

Temporary Ban

A temporary ban can be anything from 1 to 7 days, we will not hesitate to hand these out if any rules are broken.

  • Defamation of guilds by spreading misinformation and lies.
  • Use and/or abuse PvP elements for personal gain or the use of bugs in PvP elements.
  • 3 Warnings.
  • Making fun of Necro Staff in a disrespectful way.
  • Ignoring of Warnings.

Permanent Ban

You don't want to get a permanent ban, this is always final and will not be reversed!

  • Cussing/Swearing out a staff member.
  • Cheating and/or use 3rd party software to cheat the system and/or game economy.
  • Spamming harmfull scam links ingame.
  • Buy/Sell/Trade items/goods/accounts for real money.
  • Abuse of startpackage by multi-accounts.
  • Impersonating GM/GA with fake names/characters/information.
  • Mention of any other private server within BlazeGN services that are not associated with BlazeGN.
  • Abuse of IP limit/PC limit.
  • Being involved in hacking/scamming cases.
  • Trying to mislead staff into giving items and/or spam about retrieving scammed/hacked items.
  • Spread false rumours about the team such as corruption etc.

We may change the rules at any time without any notice, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with our rules aswell as not being responsible for scammed items.

Binnenkort Beschkibaar.
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0/1000 players online
Cap 120 & 12th Degree
Chinese & European
Exp Solo 250x
Exp Party 350x
Max Plus 12
PC Limit 2
IP Limit 6
Guild Limit 32 Members
Union Limit 3
Guild Start Lv. 5
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