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29 May 2015

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27 May

  • Unique & Holy Water Temple Update

1 May

  • United Package Discount!

19 April

  • The Second Coming & Update

17 April

  • Silk Discount Weekend!

11 April

  • Weekend Immortal Discount!


Hello Necronians!

Update 27/05/2015

- Coin droprate from Holy Water Temple Uniques increased.
* Coin droprate has been significantly increased in HWT (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).
- All Coins added to drops of normal Uniques (Not Titans).
* Gold, Silver, Iron and Copper Coins have been added to all normal spawning Uniques.
- All Unique drops changed to 12D.
* All Unique Item Drops, Tablets and Stones have been changed to 12th Degree.
- Constantinople and Bandit Fortresses have been disabled.
* This will make for a much more fun and active fortress war.
- New Devil 2012 Avatar updated to "Armor of the Red Scourge" in the Webmall, this includes an attachment.

BlazeGN team