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26 March 2015

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5 March

  • Economy Update #TWO

31 January

  • Economy Update #ONE

5 January

  • Server Inspection completed successfully

19 December

  • Server Inspection completed successfully

24 November

  • Server Inspection completed successfully

Hello Necrocians,

We are proud to announce that the second part of NEC has arrived and that it has a major impact on the server!
This is not the last update so stay tuned for more!

This update has been carried out carefully and brought the following features with it:

  • Elixirs ( Weapon, Accessory, Protector, Shield) have been added to grocery NPC
  • All Elixirs have been deleted from the inventory
  • Force skill tree has been brought back to STR only characters (need all STR points (496) to enable force)
  • General server gold has been reduced by 98%
  • Trade profit decreased to prevent gold incrementation
  • 12th degree weapons with EGY A and B 11DG SKIN added to webmall TYPE A = 8.500 WP and TYPE B = 9.500 WP
  • General server performance increased
  • Guild size has been limited to 32 members per guild (UPDATED)
  • Guild startlevel set to level 5 (UPDATED)

To read more about NEC, visit our forums and be sure not to miss anything on the latest developments on our upcoming updates.
We hope to give you a better gameplay experience and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Please report any issues to us as soon as possible using our ticket system or our forums!

~BlazeGN Staff