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21 December 2014

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19 December

  • Server Inspection completed successfully

24 November

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7 November

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1 November

  • Halloween Spooky Screenshot Event!

15 October

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Hello Necronians!

+20% Extra Webpoints when you Donate over the xmas period!

- Christmas Event Enabled.
* Collect the Jewel Boxes from killing monsters and return them to So-ok in town for a reward!
* Christmas decorations and Snow added.
- Rewards: 
* All Enhanced Elixirs.
* Ghost Pickpets.
* Berserk Potions.
* HP/MP/Hit/Evasion Scrolls.
* Gold/Silver/Iron/Copper and Arena coins.
* 12D Immortal and Astral.
* Santa Avatars.
- Shipwreck Forgotten World Updated.
* Droprate of Shipwreck Forgotten World Talismans increased. (Collect all 8 to get a Moon Item)
* Immortal Drop added to Final Boss Ghost Sereness.
* Forgotten World Reward Seal Of Moon Honor items are now tradable and the stats are fixed.
* Forgotten World Portals are now available at the Arena Item Manager in Hotan for Gold.
- Battle Arena Updated.
* 12D Immortal and Astral Stones added to the Battle Area Item Manager NPC.
* Forgotten World portals added to the Battle Area Item Manager NPC.
* Moon equipment price has been fixed at the Battle Area Item Manager NPC.
- Devil Spirit Magicstone.
* Now made a 10 stack item to stop people losing gold.
- Zielkaxe Unique added to random spawning.
* Lvl 120 Zielkaxe Unique added to Cerberus spawns.
- Job Temple Updated.
* All Job Temple Uniques now have 100% chance to drop 1x 12D Immortal.
- Fellow pets fixed.
* Damage numbers and attack skills are now working correctly.
Guide and Event Links updated on the website.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the BlazeGN Team!