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who wants hide and seek ? by 4 players i give 50 silks if u find me FireWavezZ - 17 seconds ago
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Light killed C4 1 hour ago in PvP!

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Necro has launched
Necro has launched
Posted by [GM]Mason on 17-04-2019

Hello Necrocians,

Necro is now live, you can login and play! 

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78/1000 players online
Cap 120 & 12th Degree
Chinese & European
Exp Solo 250x
Exp Party 350x
Max Plus 12
PC Limit 2
IP Limit 6
Guild Limit 32 Members
Union Limit 3
Guild Start Lv. 5
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Capture The Flag
Selket & Neith
Anubis & Isis
Haroeris & Seth