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18 November 2017

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19 January

  • D13 Update & Arabian Map

22 April


23 March

  • New Job Titles

25 January

  • New Jobbing System Enhancment/Immortal Drop

30 December

  • New Year's Event

D13 Update
Hello Necrocians,

We have been working since December to get this huge update done to refresh NECRO and bring back the fun you used to and made you stick with us all this time!

We hope you enjoy the update.

[In-Game Patch Notes]:

- Added Arabian Map.
- Increased Cap to 125.
 *You need to quest your way up to level 125 guide at the bottom.
- New skills for level 125.
- Added 13dg Items with upgrade system.
- Added 13dg Alchemy items at Job NPC.
- Added 12/13 Advanced and Enhanced Elixirs to Job NPC.
- Added Level up quests to 125 at Job NPC.
- New Dungeoun Devil's Garden with new uniques.
  *Full guide link at the bottom.
- Job point scrolls now dorpping at Devil's Garden.
- Lowered Price of 12dg Immos at Job NPC.
- Fixed Fellow Pets.
- Avatars coming on 20.01.17.
- Added Mangyangs can spawn as Giants
- Guild emblems fixed (re-upload your guild emblem).

Leveling up to 125 guide:
Click Here
New Alchemy item creation system:
Click Here
How to upgrade D12->D13:
Click Here
Devil's Garden Guide:
Click Here

BlazeGN Team.