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22 August 2014

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2 August


12 July

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7 July

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6 July

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28 June

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Hello Necrocians!

Since everyone is so addicted with their faces we have decided to take it to the NECRO level.
What is this event about?

Well basically all you have to do is take a cool selfie of your char, like above.
It may be with friends, alone, you at some great fight, with a GM or something, whatever you like, aslong as it looks like a selfie.

We hope to collect ALOT of selfies, post them HERE WITH F12 ENABLED

Ofcourse we will pick the TOP 3 best selfies and reward the characters.
Post the selfie with your charactername under it and be patien HERE

1st place 2500 WEBPOINTS & 5 IMMORTALS
2nd place 1500 WEBPONTS & 3 IMMORTALS
3rd place 500 WEBPOINTS & 5 IMMORTALS

May the best win!

Event runtime: Untill we think there are enough!